Chris Wooding

This well-traveled author was making enough from his writing to be a full-time author when he left college.


Storm Thief, 2006
Poison, 2003
Haunting of Alaizabel Cray, 2001
Broken Sky, 1999-2001
Endgame, 2000
Kerosene, 1999
Catchman, 1998
Crashing, 1998

Braided Path

The Weavers Of Saramyr, 2003
The Skein of Lament, 2004
The Ascendancy Veil, 2005


Born 28 February 1977
Works as a full-time author in London. Enjoys film, playing in his band, backpacking in other countries.
Is developing a cartoon series with a network in Canada.
Has traveled around Malaysia, the Far East, Scandinavia, Greece, Japan, South Africa, USA, and more.

His family genealogy can be traced back to John Milton.

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