Widow And The King

The Widow and the King by John Dickinson
David Fickling Books, Random House, 2005.
High Fantasy

"You must not look for your son. You must look for mine."



ISBN: 0385750846 / 613pgs

Map of mountain kingdom in frontispiece.



Ambrose — son to Phaedra & Tarceny; prophesied to destroy Paigan Wulframson; rescued from armed soldiers by Lord Lackmere; named Luke at the Widow of Develin
Sophia — daughter of Widow of Develin
Widow Develin
Phaedra — Widow of Tarceny; mother of Ambrose
Lord Lackmere — nicknamed Wastelands by Ambrose
Paigan Wulframson — nicknamed Heron Man by Ambrose;
Raymonde — Lord Lackmere's son, who stole the Tarceny's book of undercraft and sought out Paigan

Significant Objects and Symbols

Book — Tarceny's book of undercraft, stolen and read by Raymonde
Stones — 31 small stones protect Ambrose, 31 large stones trap Paigan Wulframson on the Mountainside
Doubting Moon — circle with a slash through it and (?) twined with snakes; sign of Tarceny


Part I: Wastelands
I. The Moonlit Throne
II. The Enemy
III. The Man Who Shaved
IV. The Fight at the Falls
V. The Knight of the Wastelands
VI. The Wolf and the Wall
VII. Crossing
VIII. The Widow

Part II: Wisdom
IX. The Company of the Moon
X. The House of Wisdom
XI. Cellar and Stair
XII. Loss
XIII. Winter Progress
XIV. The Light at Ferroux
XV. Shadows in Develin
XVI. The Secrets of Develin
XVII. The Rider in the Gate
XVIII. Sunset

Part III: War
XIX. The Cup of the World
XX. The March of Tarceny
XXI. Blood and Black Water
XXII. Night in the Knoll
XXIII. The Harvest of Pearls
XXIV. Chawlin
XXV. The Voice of Heaven
XXVI. Torch and Tackle
XXVII. Stone and Steel
XXVIII. Judgement
XXIX. Prince Under the Sky

Sequels, Prequels, Companion Books

Prequel: Cup of the World


LC Cataloging Info

Summary: When the hooded prince of the evil "undercraft" is released from a magical prison, young Ambrose, the last descendant of a great king, flees for his life, not knowing who his friends or enemies are.

{1. Fantasy.}

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