War For The Oaks

War for the Oaks by Emma Bull
Urban Fantasy

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A modern retelling of the Tam Lin tale.


After dumping her boyfriend and ditching her band, Eddi McCandry one late night is suddenly running down dark streets being chased by a huge dog and a sinister man — only to come to find out that they are one in the same. Upon being captured, Eddi begins her experience with Faerie, becoming the pawn in the everlasting war between the Seelie and the Unseelie Courts. But Eddi isn't interested — she's a musician and she wants a band. So she and her best friend Carla start one, with musicians who are so good and so unknown, they don't seem quite human….


Neil Gaiman said it well when he said: "Emma Bull is really good." Because she is. This is an excellent read, another urban fantasy with love, rock 'n roll, war, and motorcycles. The more of Emma Bull I experience, the more I like! - esme

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{1. Women rock musicians — Fiction. 2. City and town life — Fiction. 3. Women singers — Fiction. 4. Fairies — Fiction. 5. Minneapolis (Minn.) — Fiction.}

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