Voyage Of The Basset Series

Voyage of the Basset Series by Various Authors

Series Description

A trip of fantasy — like Darwin's trip of science in his Beagle….

(Following descriptions from the publisher.)

Voyage of the Basset

(1996) by James C. Christensen, Alan Dean Foster, Renwick St. James.
Illustrated novel.

Nine-year-old Cassandra Aisling takes readers on a fantastical journey of discovery in search of ancient legends and mythological worlds, in a fantasy tale featuring richly detailed paintings and line drawings in which magical kingdoms emerge from a sea of dreams.

Islands in the Sky

(1999) by Tanith Lee

London, 1877. Twelve-year-old Hope Glover climbs a tree to rescue a kite but instead finds the kite pulling her into the sky, over the ocean, and into a storm! She is rescued by a small, beautiful ship —the Basset —and drawn into a magical world where a war rages between centaurs and winged horses. It's up to Hope to find a solution which turns out to include an out-of-practice genie, a new pair of wings, and the legendary Pandora's box itself!

Raven Queen

(1999) by Terri Windling

Gwen Thornworth has dreamed of dancing with fairies since she was a little girl. When the Bassett arrives to pick her up, it looks like her dream will come true! Gwen's twin brother, Devin, reluctantly comes along to keep an eye on her. And he has to do just that when Gwen is lured away to the dark halls of the Unseelie fairies. Can Devin rescue his sister or will he also be caught under the spell of the Raven Queen?

Journey to Otherwhere

(2000) by Sherwood Smith

Bradford Ellis believes in progress — and in fixing other people's problems. His latest case study, a poor seamstress named Lucy Beale, resents his meddlesome attempts to improve her life. But when a small, stately ship — the Basset — sails into the harbor, Brad and Lucy must journey together to the Lands of Legend. There, the transformative Chimera challenges their assumptions and awakens their imaginations. In this land where fantasy rules and nothing is as it seems, Brad must learn to respect others' boundaries and Lucy must learn to overcome hers.

Thor's Hammer

(2000) by Will Shetterly

The Norse gods are in an uproar — Thor's hammer has been stolen! The goddess Freyja has foreseen that a human boy will help find the hammer; the Basset sails into the mortal world to find him. But when the Basset returns, it carries not one boy, but four—all of whom must change if they are to fulfill Freyja's prophecy and save the gods from destruction.

Fire Bird

(2001) by Mary Frances Zambreno

Oberon, the lord of the Lands of Legend, sends the Basset on an urgent mission, to find an engineer in the mortal world to help rebuild the great Pharos lighthouse. The Basset returns with an engineer, his daughter, and a young boy. But what no one yet understands is that the fate of the ancient beacon of light is forever tied to the long lost bird of the sun, the Phoenix.


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