Trickster's Choice

Trickster's Choice by Tamora Pierce
Random House, 2003.



Unlike her other series, the stories of Aly will not be a quartet like Pierce's other books — there are just these two.


Aly, daughter of Alanna and George, yearns to be a spy, to find something intriguing and useful to throw her energy into. After an argument with her mother, Aly decides to spend some time with friends — but before she arrives at their home, she is kidnapped and sold as slave to a Duke in a neighboring kingdom. When the Duke's family is exiled from their land, the trickster god Kyprioth recruits Aly to protect the family and their servants and assist with his plans to trick his brother and sister gods. Thus begin Aly's adventures. Revolts are planned, assassination attempts foiled, and spies placed, all testing Aly's intelligence, wits, and stamina.


Another fine tale from one of fantasy's most beloved authors, this pair of books tells the whole story of Aly's adventures, dangers, cleverness, and romance. Great reading — especially if you have read the Alanna series and love clever fantasy! -esme

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