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emilyavatar1.gif Esme

(pseudonym with a history too long and boring to be included here), creator & administrator, is a young adult librarian in Massachusetts. While in library school, she did a comparative project of fantasy novels for children, looking at the Harry Potter stories and fantasy novels placed on "read-alike" lists; she discovered that not very many of the read-alikes were anything like.
She delights in reading fantasy, science fiction (space opera!), and graphic novels. She also delights in ice cream, the beach, irish wolfhounds, Troentorps, and BCBGs. Most of the time she gets along great with Simon, her feline friend. She recently bought a lemon tree for her living room.
AKA Emily

According to The Golden Compass Movie Daemon Determiner, her daemon is/was a crow (having recently been changed to a spider) named Arion — "modest, proud, spontaneous, solitary, and fickle."

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