Swords For Hire

Swords for Hire by Will Allen
Two of the most unlikely heroes you'll ever meet.
CenterPunch Press: 2003.
Adventure Fantasy



0-9724882-0-0 / 168pgs.
A classic-style adventure fantasy inspired by The Princess Bride.
Forward by Nancy Cartwright, who voices Bart Simpson.
Written as gift to the author's family.



Sam Hatcher — son of a farmer; daydreamer; sent by his father to become one of the Royal Guard
Rigby Skeet — oddball member of Royal Guard; saved the life of King Olive
King Olive — King of Parmell
Boonder — King Olive's younger brother, has a thing for worms
Marnoff — palace physician

Awards & Honors

#2 in Booksense national TOP TEN list
Selected for VOYA's Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Winner for the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2004, Fantasy/Sci-Fi

LC Cataloging Info

Summary: In the ancient kingdom of Parmall, sixteen-year-old Sam Hatcher and an eccentric Royal Guard set out on a mission to rescue the rightful king who has been imprisoned in a faraway dungeon by his evil brother.

{1. Fantasy. 2. Adventure and adventurers-Fiction. 3. Humorous stories.}

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