Strong Girls

Many of today's fantasy books feature strong female characters — girls and women who are smart, spunky, and able to hold their own in the world.

Blue SwordRobin McKinley
Books of Pellinor quartet — Alison Croggon
Dealing With DragonsPatricia Wrede
Dreamhunter DuetElizabeth Knox
EastEdith Pattou
Ella EnchantedGail Carson Levine
Hero and the CrownRobin McKinley
Icemark ChroniclesStuart Hill
Keturah and Lord Death — Martine Leavitt
Immortals quartetTamora Pierce
Light of the OracleVictoria Hanley
Protector of the Small quartetTamora Pierce
Song of the Lionness quartetTamora Pierce
Provost's Dog trilogyTamora Pierce
Trickster duetTamora Pierce

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