Provost's Dogs

The Provost's Dogs by Tamora Pierce

Series Description

A planned trilogy.
This is Tortall in pre-Alanna days.


Random House, 2006

Beka Cooper is a puppy, training to become one of the Dogs — the guard that polices Tortall. Joined with a pair of famed veteran Dogs and her cat Pounce, they enforce the rough & tough Lower City. Beka's a quick-witted puppy and often surprises her trainers with her skill, yet she's shy, and a much better listener and observer than talker. So when the ghosts of the dead start crying out to her, and when one of those ghosts is the young son of her friend, she begins an investigation that leads her and her dogs to the Court of the Rogue and the danger of the Shadow Snake. Greed, riches, loyalties, false faces, friendships, crime, murder….


Book two of The Provost's Dog trilogy, detailing the further adventures of Beka Cooper as she deals with counterfeiters — they'll call her Bloodhound because they won't be able to shake her off their scent — and as she rises through the ranks of the Lord Provost's command.


In book three of The Provost's Dog trilogy, the ultimate task is set for Beka Cooper, nicknamed Elkhound because she brings down the big "game."


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