Tamora Pierce

Author of five quartets, a duet, a just-begun trilogy, and other stories, Tamora Pierce (visit her site) is one of YA fantasy's leading and most prolific fantasy writers. Many of her series take place in the mythical land of Tortall and feature strong female characters.


The Song of the Lioness quartet

Alanna: The First Adventure (1983)
In the Hand of the Goddess (1984)
Woman Who Rides Like a Man (1986)
Lionness Rampant (1988)

The Immortals quartet

Wild Magic (1992)
Wolf Speaker (1994)
Emperor Mage (1995)
Realm of the Gods (1996)

The Circle of Magic quartet

Sandry's Book (1997)
Tris's Book (1998)
Daja's Book (1998)
Briar's Book (1999)

The Protector of the Small quartet

First Test (1999)
Page (2000)
Squire (2001)
Lady Knight (2002)

The Circle Opens quartet

Magic Steps (2000)
Street Magic (2001)
Cold Fire (2002)
Shatterglass (2003)

Trickster duet

Trickster's Choice (2004)
Trickster's Queen (2005)

Provost's Dog trilogy

Beka Cooper: Terrier (2006)
Bloodhound (2007)
Elkhound (2008)

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Tamora (pronounced like 'camera') Pierce was born the first of three girls in Pennsylvania and told stories to herself while doing the dishes. See her fansite below for bigger stories and more details.

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