A Treasury Of Modern Fairy Tales

Once Upon a Time edited by Lester del Rey & Risa Kessler
A Treasury Of Modern Fairy Tales
Del Rey, Ballantine: 2002, 1991.


A collection of ten fantasy stories.
Short bios of the authors, included.


The Table of Contents:
Prince Delightful and the Flameless Dragon by Isaac Asimov
Imaginary Friends by Terry Brooks
Gwydion and the Dragon by CJ Cherryh
Fairy Godmother by Lester del Rey
Thistledown by Susan Dexter
The Old Soul by Wayland Drew
Changeling by Barbara Hambly
The Tinkling of Fairybells by Katherine Kurtz
The Quest of a Sensible Man by Anne McCaffrey
Portrait of a Hero by Lawrence Watt-Evans

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Summary: A collection of original fairy tales by ten science fiction and fantasy writers, including Isaac Asimov, Lester del Rey, and Anne McCaffrey.
{1. Fantasy fiction, American. 2. Fairy tales — United States. 3. Fairy tales — Juvenile literature. 4. Fantasy — Juvenile literature. 5. Children's stories.}

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