More and more teen fantasy books are being made into movies….
For movies that have been made and are being made, check below.
(For book trailers, see the individual title pages or visit the Book Trailers page.)

Blood and ChocolateAnnette Curtis Klause: Movie Site
Chronicles of Narnia — C.S. Lewis: Movie Site
CoralineNeil Gaiman: IMDB Page
Dark is RisingSusan Cooper: IMDB Page
Ellen EnchantedGail Carson Levine: Movie Site
EragonChristopher Paolini: Movie Site
Great and Terrible BeautyLibba Bray: IMDB Page
Harry Potter and the...J. K. Rowling: Movie Site
His Dark Materials trilogyPhilip Pullman: Golden Compass Movie
InkheartCornelia Funke: Info Page
I Capture the Castle — Dodie Smith: Movie Page
Lord of the Rings trilogyJ.R.R. Tolkien: Movie Site
MirrorMaskNeil Gaiman: Movie Site
Princess Bride — William Goldman: IMDB Page
StardustNeil Gaiman: Movie Site
TwilightStephenie Meyer: Movie Info

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