Mira Mirror

Mira, Mirror by Mette Ivie Harrison
Viking, Penguin Group: 2004.



0-670-05923-4 / 314pgs.
Cover art by Lori Koefoed.

Loosely based on the Snow White tale, this charming story is about friendship, love, transgression, forgiveness, and redemption. This is the story of the mirror.


Trapped inside a mirror by her witch-apprentice sister, Mira is coerced into helping her sister become more beautiful and gain power in the kingdom. Despite the sister's impatient daily visits of magic and beautifying, one day she doesn't come. A hundred years later, abandoned by all and left hanging on the wall in a deserted cabin, Mira manipulates a runaway peasant girl and a merchant's daughter to help her gain the magic she needs to escape the confines of the glass and wood and become human again.


Mira — the woman trapped in the magic mirror used by the wicked queen of Snow White fame.
Ivana — peasant girl; escapes her father with the mirror in search of a better life.
Talia — merchant's daughter
Minitz — merchant; Talia's father


Though lacking a few minor plot details and dropping hints of other intriguing storylines that are never told, this is a spellbinding (ha!) read for the faery tale inclined. - esme

Awards & Honors

Spirit 0f 76 Recommended Book List.
"Borders Recommends" List.
Association of Mormon Letters, Honorable Mention for Juvenile Books 2004.
The Center for Children's Literature "Too Good to Miss" List 2005.
Utah Center for the Book Letters for Literature, Level II 2005-2006 Winner.
The Children's Bookstore "Pick of the Month" November/December 2004.

LC Cataloging Info

Summary: Long after the disappearance of Snow White's stepmother, the witch trapped in her mirror manipulates a desperate peasant and a merchant's daughter fo seek the magic she needs to gain her freedom, but the girls show her a power far greater.

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