Little (Grrl) Lost

Little (Grrl) Lost by Charles deLint

Viking, Penguin Group: 2007.
Urban Fantasy


978-0-670-06144-0 / 271pgs
Also known as Little Girl Lost.
Based off a short story by the same name in the Firebirds Rising collection.



Elizabeth — a Little who lives in the walls with her family; her given name is Tetty Wood, but she chose Elizabeth for herself; six inches tall; loves punky fashion
T.J. — a Big who discovers Elizabeth
Derek — T.J.'s older brother
Geoff — works in a bookstore; saves T.J. from trouble
Sherri Piper — an author who writes children's books about the Littles
Bakro — a ranger/feral Little who rescues Elizabeth from a cat

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(Short story in Firebirds Rising.)

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Summary: Fourteen-year-old T.J. and her new friend, sixteen-year-old Elizabeth, a six-inch-high "Little" with a big chip on her shoulder, help one another as T.J. tries to adjust to her family's move from a farm to the big city and Elizabeth tries to make her own way in the world.

{1. Runaways - Fiction. 2. Size - Fiction. 3. Moving, Household - Fiction. 4. Friendship - Fiction. 5. Fantasy.}

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