Tanith Lee

Novelist and short-story writer — and used to be a librarian!


Claidi Journals

AKA: Wolf Tower Sequence
1. Law Of The Wolf Tower (US title: Wolf Tower)
2. Wolf Star Rise (US title: Wolf Star)
3. Queen Of The Wolves (US title: Wolf Queen)
4. Wolf Wing

Piratica Series

1. Piratica
2. Piratica II

Dragonflight Series

1. Black Unicorn
2. Gold Unicorn
3. Red Unicorn

Islands in the Sky


Born 19 September 1947 in London, England.
Married to John Kaiine.
Interested in the ancient Incan, Roman, and Egyptian civilizations.

Tanith Lee is a prolific writer in the genres of horror, science fiction, and fantasy, including short stories and series books. She has also written plays and a book of nonfiction. Her books are often cited by critics because of the depth of imagination and characters written.

General Awards

1980: August Derleth Award

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Daughter of the Night, unofficial site

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