Patrice Kindl

Grew up in a household of girls — and now writes mainly for girls, since she understands them better.


Owl in Love (1993)
The Woman in the Wall (1997)
Goose Chase (2001)
Lost in the Labyrinth (2002)


Born 1951 in Alplaus, New York.
Youngest of four daughters to an engineer and a homemaker.
After some drama school, she appeared in a few television commercials, did a little modeling — and she waitressed and auditioned.
Married to Paul. Has one son (Alex).
Loves animals.
Worked with Helping Hands, an organization which trains monkeys as helpers to quadriplegics.
Wears a gold charm bracelet with a typewriter, an owl, binoculars, a saw, and a monkey.
Recently signed a contract for Goose Chase — there may be a movie in the future!

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