Hallowmere Trilogy

Hallowmere by Tiffany Trent

Series Description

A dark historical fantasy taking place at the end of the Civil War.

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In the Serpent's Coils



"As the Civil War ends, Corrine's nightmare begins.

"Ever since her parents died, Corrine's dreams have been filled with fairies warning her of impending peril. When she's sent to live at Falston Manor, she thinks she's escaped the danger stalking her. Instead the dreams grow stronger, just as girls begin disappearing from school.

"Then Corrine discovers letters of forbidden love by a medieval monk who writes of his entanglement with a race of vampiric Fey — the same Fey who haunt Corrine's dreams. Who are these creatures and what do they want? Corrine knows only one thing for sure: another girl will disappear soon, and that girl just might be her. "

From the publisher's website.

By Venom's Sweet Sting



"As Corrine falls for Euan, the Unhallowed creep in.

"Following the destruction of Falston and the loss of the rathstone, nothing can keep Corrine safe. The Fey have spies everywhere. And they are determined to find Corrine wherever she may hide.

"With no options left, the Council of Elaphe takes Corrine and the rest of the Falston girls to Scotland where they can fight the Fey on their own terms. As the Council struggles to come up with a battle plan, the girls become immersed in preparations for their first ball. There, a mysterious young man soothes Corrine’s heartache and she begins to let down her guard — perhaps sooner than she should. For there is a new danger lurking on the Scottish moors, a danger more sinister than any Corrine has faced before."

From the publisher's website.

Between Golden Jaws



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