Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman spans children's, young adult, and adult fantasy in novels, graphic novels, television, song lyrics, and film.


Coraline (2002)
MirrorMask (film, with Jim Henson Co and Dave McKean)
MirrorMask (book)
Neverwhere (1998)
Stardust (1999)


Born: 10 November 1960, Portchester, England

Neil Gaiman is a prolific and popular writer in a variety of formats, and most of his writings (if not all) include elements of folklore and mythology. He has won numerous awards, is listed in the Dictionary of Literary Biography as one of the top ten living post-modern writers, is credited with raising comics to a literary level (with the Sandman series), and is a transplant from England to the United States. He currently resides near Minneapolis, MN.

Tori Amos sings about Neil in four of her songs: “Little Earthquakes,” “Under the Pink,” “Boys for Pele,” and “Scarlet's Walk.”

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