Finder by Emma Bull
Tor, 1994.
Urban Fantasy

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In Bordertown, where a hybrid community of elves, halflings, humans co-exist, a murderous plot has been hatched to induce humans into elf-like states and spreading virus through the elven community. Sunny Rico, cop, coerces Orient, a finder, to help her seek out the perpetrators behind the crimes. It's a dangerous and difficult task, and one that Orient has no desire to fulfill - until his best friend, Tick-Tick, an elf, contracts the virus and declines speedily towards death.


Prequels, Sequels, Companion Books

Two prequels in the Bordertown series—
Book 1: Elsewhere
Book 2: Nevernever


This engrossing read is a crossover combining fantasy with mystery; the interesting characters, setting, and writing style make it even more satisfying. Good stuff. — esme

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