Faeries may start out in our minds as sweet innocent magical creatures, small and winged. But as literature matures, so do the faeries, and they often weave a little darkness into the world.

Artemis Fowl series — Eion Colfer
Blue GirlCharles deLint
Chronicles of FaerieO.R. Melling
Discworld series — Terry Pratchett
Faerie WarsHerbie Brennan
FinderEmma Bull
Five Children and It — E. Nesbit
IronsideHolly Black
I Was a Teenage Fairy — Francesca Lia Block
Kingfisher's Gift — Susan Williams Beckhorn
Midsummer Night's Dream — William Shakespeare
Moorchild — Eloise McGraw
New Policeman — Kate Thompson
Poison — Chris Wooding
Raven Queen — by Terri Windling & Ellen Steiber
Spiderwick ChroniclesHolly Black & Tony DiTerlizzi
StardustNeil Gaiman
Summer KingO.R. Melling
Summerland — Michael Chabon
TitheHolly Black
ValiantHolly Black
The Various — Steve Augarde
Vögelein — Jane Irwin
War for the OaksEmma Bull
Wicked Lovely — Melissa Marr
Wintersmith — Terry Pratchett

(Blackthorn Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker)

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