Elsewhere by Will Shetterly
Tor, 1992.
Urban Fantasy

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One of those edgy fantasies "where magic meets the mean streets."


Seeking out his runaway brother, Ron heads to Bordertown, where faery folk and human folk mix and mingle, gangs clash in the nighttime, magic and technology only sometimes work. He is quickly adopted into the group living at Castle Pup, but strife soon splits the unconventional family and he finds himself on the run from those he thought were friends. Forced onto the streets, his chances of survival crumble as he becomes a Rat and River-water addict, gets sprayed with spells, and fights with other gang members. Eventually, though, he starts to discover the things he was looking for.


Sequels, Prequels, Companion Books

Book 1 in the Bordertown series.
Book 2: Nevernever
Book 3: Finder


This is a fantastic read — gritty, adventurous, magical. I'm thoroughly looking forward to reading NeverNever. (Finder is also part of this pseudo-series.) — esme

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