Dream Merchant

Dream Merchant by Isabel Hoving
Candlewick Press: 2005.



0-7636-2880-8 / 630pgs.
Translated from the Dutch by Hester Velmans.
Published in the Netherlands as The Winged Cat.
Has a List of Characters in the back.


Josh Cope is a dreamer — and a bit of a thief. When he is chosen by a powerful corporation to begin dream travel, he sets out on a quest to learn the secrets of time travel. But in the world of dreams, nothing is as it seems….


Josh Cope — Dreamer.
Baz Patel — Josh's best friend


Part I - He Is Called
1. Gadgets
2. The Associates
3. The Dawning of the World
4. The Trader's Trial

Part II - The Expedition
5. The Assignment
6. The Teeth of the Inelesi
7. A Chink in Time
8. Jericho

Part III - Drummers and Thieves
9. Waves, Wraiths, Wolves
10. Royal Blue
11. Deception, Betrayal and Apple Pie
12. The Thief Who Used His Eyes

Part IV - The Road to Tembe
13. The Dove of Light
14. Three Pigs in a Rich Lather
15. Josh Alone
16. The Deep Valleys of the Night
17. Higher, Higher, Higher

Part V - Satura's Maw
18. What the Wind Blew In
19. The Hurricane of the World
20. Satura's Maw
21. Final Reckoning
22. A Seer in the Kitchen

Prequels, Sequels, Companion Books


This is a fairly heavy book — its 630 pages make for a long time reading; the story doesn't go as fast as the HP books and around page 335 things start to slow down a little bit. I did enjoy the story, though; it was imaginative and creative and great for those readers who have a chunk of time and appreciate the depth of European fantasy. - esme

Awards & Honors

2003 Golden Kiss Award (Netherlands)

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