Charles De Lint


Little (Grrl) Lost (2007)
Old Man Crow (2007)
Promises to Keep (2007)
Widdershins (2006)
The Blue Girl (2004)
Spirits in the Wires (2003)
Medicine Road (2003)
Seven Wild Sisters (illustrated by Charles Vess) (2002)
The Onion Girl (2001)
The Road to Lisdoonvarna (2001)
Forests of the Heart (2000)
Someplace to Be Flying (1998)
Trader (1997)
I'll Be Watching You (1994)
Memory and Dream (1994)
The Wild Wood (Brian Froud's Faerielands) (1994)
Into the Green (1993)
From a Whisper to a Scream (1992)
The Little Country (1991)
Angel of Darkness (1990)
The Dreaming Place (1990)
Drink Down the Moon (1990)
Ghostwood (1990)
The Hidden City (Philip Jose Farmer's The Dungeon, Volume 5) (1990)
Svaha (1989)
The Valley of Thunder (Philip Jose Farmer's The Dungeon, Volume 3) (1989)
Greenmantle (1988)
Wolf Moon (1988)
Jack, the Giant-Killer (The Jack of Kinrowan: A Novel of Urban Faerie) (1987)
Yarrow: An Autumn Tale (1986)
The Harp of the Grey Rose (1985)
Mulengro: A Romany Tale (1985)
Moonheart: A Romance (1984)
The Riddle of the Wren (1984)


Born 22 December 1951 in Bussum, Netherlands; emigrated to Canada four months later.
Sometimes uses the pseudonym Samuel M Key.
Pioneered modern urban fantasy with Moonheart.
Married to MaryAnn, who is an artist. They live in Ottowa, Canada.
Formed the music group Wickentree and was a musician for 25 years.


Included in the Modern Library's "Top 100 Books of the Twentieth Century" — 8 titles
1984 William L. Crawford Award for Best New Fantasy Author of 1984 presented by the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts
1982 Small Press and Artists Organization Award for Fiction

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