Cup Of The World

Cup of the World by John Dickinson
David Fickling Books, Random House, 2004.



ISBN: 0385750250 / 419pgs

Pictoral map of the mountain kingdom included on front and endpieces.

Love, betrayal, power, war, vengeance, witchcraft, and greed are the overwhelming themes of this powerful new fantasy.


When beautiful Phaeda runs away to marry a knight she knows only through her dreams, she sets off a chain of events that she could never have foreseen and that bring ruin throughout the kingdom. Her husband, with whom she is deeply in love, wields a power that many suspect, and when he begins to war and distance himself from her and their son, she too begins to suspect him of dark dealings and wonders what price he is willing to pay for all he gains.




Part 1: The Man in the Dream
I. The Courts of the King
II. The Prisoner
III. Suitors and Chessmen
IV. Steel and Darkness
V. The Priest on the Knoll
VI. The Warden's Answer
VII. The Windows of Jent
VIII. A Face on the Road
IX. Ill News by Water

Part 2: The Pale Priest
X. Pain
XI. Angels and Shadows
XII. On the Stair
XIII. Chatterfall
XIV. The Man in the Reeds
XV. The House in the Hills
XVI. The Place of White Stones
XVII. The Deep of the Cup

Part 3: The Traitress
XVIII. Cold Morning
XIX. Ordeal
XX. Phaedra's Price
XXI. The Powers of Iron
XXII. The Powers of Shadow
XXIII. South Wind

Prequels, Sequels, Companion Books

Sequel 1: Widow and the King


Well-written, beguiling, and intense, but dark; there is nothing light or cheery about this piece of fantasy. — esme

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Summary: When Phaedra, a willful daughter of a baron, decides to marry for love, she sets off an unforeseeable chain of events and a battle between good and evil.

{1. Fantasy.}

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