Cry Of The Icemark

Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill
The Chicken House, Scholastic: 2005.
Epic Fantasy



0-439-68626-1 / 472pps
Set in 12-point Horley Old Style font.
"Blood! Blast! and Fire!"


When King Redrought is killed by an invading army in warfare, Princess Thirrin, 14, must take charge of the kingdom and save her subjects from imminent destruction. With the help of her advisors and her odd allies (the Wolf-Folk, the Oak King and his soldiers), she prevails in her first battle against the troops of Cassius Brontus and proves herself a masterful warrior and diplomatic leader. Shortly thereafter, she and her soldiers arrive at the haven of Hypolita. Determined to win more forces to her cause, Thirrin sets off towards Land-of-the-Ghosts with a small band of soldiers to form an alliance with the vampires and the snow leopards. Using all her skills as a young queen, she returns to Hypolita with an army unlike any before assembled and begins to train for the upcoming battle. She and her troops and people return to the capital city of Frostmarris and are soon met by the Polypontian armies, which are proud and determined their fight will be swift and easy. But Thirrin and her soldiers are stronger and more fierce than imagined and hold the good fight. The war continues until a faceoff between the two commanders — a war-proven general of the world's greatest army and a young Queen.


Thirrin — Warrior princess of Icemark, daughter of King Redrought. "Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, Wildcat of the North." Thirteen at the start of the book, turns fourteen at Yule. Makes allies of the Wolf-folk. Red-haired.
Oskan — the White Witch's Son, Thirrin's friend and advisor; powerful warlock

Elemnestra — Thirrin's aunt on her mother's side; Basilea of Hypolita; named heir to Thirrin.
Grishmak Blood-drinker — King of the Wolf-folk
Maggiore Totus — Thirrin's advisor and teacher
Olememnon — Elemnestra's consort; army captain
Redrought — King of Icemark, with a fondness for kittens and fluffy slippers.
Scipio Bellorum — general of the Polypontus invading army
Tharaman-Thar — 100th Thar (leader) of the Snow Leopards

Magical Beings

This book is rich in legendary creatures. Included are the Oak & Holly Kings and their Green Men & Women, were-wolves, vampires, talking snow leopards, specters, zombies, trolls (mentioned), ghosts, witches & warlocks, hypolitans.

Prequels, Sequels, Companion Books

First book in the Icemark Chronicles
Sequel: Blade of Fire


A stunning and captivating story; a page-turner. The writing is sometimes weak with side-comments and subjectivity, but the story is highly entertaining and absolutely makes up for the places where the writing lacks strength. A wonderful high fantasy with a little something for everyone. ~esme

Awards & Honors

2005: Winner of Ottakar's Children's Book Prize

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