Chrestomanci Series

Chrestomanci Series by Diana Wynne Jones

Series Description

Magic, orphans, magic school

Suggested reading order: Charmed Life followed by The Lives of Christopher Chant. Then Conrad's Fate and Witch Week. The Magicians of Caprona and the short stories can be read in any order after that. The Pinhoe Egg is set soon after Charmed Life.

Charmed Life (Book 1)

On the streets Cat has always lived in the shadow of his sister, who has shown enough talent to be considered the most promising witch of Coven Street; but when the two orphans are summoned to live and study at Chrestomanci Castle and the enchanter instructing them refuses to recognize Gwendolyn's magical talents, trouble begins to brew — she works up a dangerous plan that could destroy the all worlds of Chrestomanci.


* Carnegie Medal Commended, 1977
* Guardian Children's Fiction Award, 1978
* Preis der Leseratten (ZDF Sch�lerexpress, Germany)

The Magicians of Caprona (Book 3)

Casa Petrocchi and Casa Montana, the two powerful spell-houses of Caprona, have been feuding rivals for over two hundred years — ever since the Duke of Caprona started ordering more spells from the Montanas than the Petrocchis and spaghetti was invented. Their children attend separate schools and avoid each other on the streets. When tempers rise, fighting is done with spells, instead of fists and stones. When the spells of both families start going dangerously awry, each house is quick to blame the other. But Angelica Petrocchi and Tonino Montana track down the real culprit — a mysterious enchanter out to destroy the city.

Witch Week (Book 4)

The anonymous note read: "Someone in this class is a witch" — fear inducing words in a world where witchcraft is outlawed and witches are burned at the stake. The students worry — how will they know who the witch is? How can they remain safe from the magic — and the magical things that start happening in class? Soon, rumours abound, each student accusing another. To solve their mystery, the enchanter Chrestomancy must be summoned.

The Lives of Christopher Chant (Book 2)

You'd never know from his lack of magical talent that Christopher Chant is the son of an enchanter and a sorceress — he can't even work the simplest spell (a very disappointing state of being). And yet he is in training to be the next Chrestomanci. When it's discovered that he has 9 lives, he becomes embroiled in a war with rebel sorcerers.

*Everything in this book takes place at least 25 years before the story in Charmed Life.


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