Crossing the boundaries of history and fantasy… the rich legends of Camelot.

Avalon: The Return of King Arthur — Stephen R. Lawhead
Dragon's Keep — Janet Lee Carey
Dragon's Son — Sarah L Thomson
I am Morgan le Faye — Nancy Springer
I am Mordred — Nancy Springer
Light Beyond the Forest — Rosemary Sutcliff
Lost Years of Merlin (series) — T. A. Barron
Mists of Avalon — Marion Zimmer Bradley
Once and Future King — T. H. White
Pendragon Chronicles — Mike Ashley
Pendragon Cycle (series) — Stephen R. Lawhead
Priestess of Avalon — Marion Zimmer Bradley
Road to Camlan — Rosemary Sutcliff
Seeing Stone — Kevin Crossley-Holland
Squire’s Tale (series) — Gerald Morris
Sword and the Circle — Rosemary Sutcliff
Sword of the Rightful King — Jane Yolen

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