Emma Bull

Emma Bull is an award-winning fantasy author who has a fabulous cowboy hat.


Falcon (1985)
War for the Oaks. (1987)
Bone Dance. (1991)
Double Feature (story collection with Will Shetterly). (1994)
Finder. (1994)
The Princess and the Lord of Night (picture book). (1994)
Freedom and Necessity, with Steven Brust. (1995)
Territory. (forthcoming)


Emma Bull went to Beloit College, where she majored in English, then moved to Minneapolis, returning later to her native California. She now lives in Tucson, AZ.

Married to Will Shetterly.
Member of the Interstate Writers' Workshop, aka The Scribblies.
Plays guitar and sings in the Flash Girls, a goth-folk duo.

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