Blade Of Fire

Blade of Fire by Stuart Hill
Chicken House, Scholastic: 2007.
High Fantasy



0-439-84122-4 / 574pgs
Text type: M Horley Old Style
Book designed by Elizabeth B Parisi

The continuing saga of Thirrin, Queen of Icemark.


Twenty years have passed since Queen Thirrin and Warlock Oskan allied themselves with the Wolf-folk, the Vampires, and the Snow Leopards to defeat the vast Polypontian armies, but now Scipio Bellorum is planning a second attack with his sons and armies and new weaponry. Thirrin sends her son Charlemagne to the southern continent with a band of exiles in order to save at least part of her threatened country and names him Crown Prince of Icemark. Medea, jealous of Charlemagne and her other siblings pursues Dark magic and turns ally to the enemy, working towards destruction of Charlemagne and the rest of her family. Great battles are fought and many lives are destroyed. Meanwhile, Charlemagne is gathering a band of warriors from the south to turn the tides of the war against the Polypontian armies.


Thirrin — Warrior Queen of Icemark.
Oskan — Warlock/Witchfather, Thirrin's husband.
Charlemagne — Youngest prince of Icemark, leader of the exiles to the Southern Continent. Nicknamed Sharly.
Medea — Younger princess of Icemark, strong witch, leaning towards the Dark.
Eodred — Twin warrior prince of Icemark.
Cedric — Twin warrior prince of Icemark.
Maggiore Totus — Scholar. Travels to the Southern Continent with Charlemagne and the other refugees.
Cressida — Princess and heir to the throne of Icemark.
Tharaman — Thar of the snow leopards
Krisafitsa — Tharina of the snow leopards

Prequels, Sequels, Companion Books

Second in the Icemark Chronicles.
Prequel: Cry of the Icemark

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