T(homas) A(rchibald) Barron

Writer and environmentalist.


Tree Girl (2001)

The Great Tree of Avalon trilogy:

Child of the Dark Prophecy (2004)
Shadows on the Stars (2005)
The Eternal Flame (2006)

The Lost Years of Merlin epic:

The Lost Years of Merlin (1996)
The Seven Songs of Merlin (1997)
The Fires of Merlin (1998)
The Mirror of Merlin (1999)
The Wings of Merlin (2000)

The Adventures of Kate:

Heartlight (1990)
The Ancient One (1992)
The Merlin Effect (1994)

Picture Books:

The Day the Stones Walked (2006)
High as a Hawk (2004)
Where is Grandpa? (2000)

Non-Fiction Books:

The Hero's Trail (2002)

Nature Books

To Walk in Wilderness (1993)
Rocky Mountain National Park: A 100 Year Perspective (1995)


Born 26 March 1952 in Boston, Massachusetts.
His father was a hotel operator and his mother was a geologist and museum founder.
Grew up in the wilds of Colorado.
Attended Princeton, Oxford, and Harvard Universities.
Married Currie Cabot; has three sons and two daughters.
Environmentalist — member of the Wilderness Society.
Favourite pasttime is hiking on mountain trails with his wife and their children.
Founded the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes
Lauded by both Madeleine L'Engle and Robert Redford.

General Awards

Nautilus Award

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