Fantasy Authors
Table of Contents


Alexander, Lloyd. (Chronicles of Prydain)
Allen, Will. (Swords for Hire)
Anthony, Piers.
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia.
Baker, E.D.
Barron, T.A..
Baum, L Frank. (Wizard of Oz)
Bell, Hilari.
Billingsley, Franny.
Black, Holly. (Tithe)
Bray, Libba. (Great and Terrible Beauty)
Browne, N.M.
Bull, Emma. (Finder)
Calhoun, Dia.
Carroll, Lewis. (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)
Colfer, Eion. (Artemis Fowl Series)
Constable, Kate. (Chanters of Tremaris)
Cooper, Susan. (The Dark is Rising Sequence)
Coville, Bruce.
DeLint, Charles. (Blue Girl)
Dickinson, John. (Cup of the World)
Duane, Diane. (So You Want to Be a Wizard)
Dunkle, Clare B. (Hollow Kingdom)
DuPrau, Jeanne.
Eddings, David.
Fisher, Catherine. (Snow Walker)
Funke, Cornelia. (Inkheart)
Gaiman, Neil. (Coraline)


Hale, Shannon. (Goose Girl)
Hanley, Victoria. (Seer and the Sword)
Harrison, Mette Ivie. (Mira, Mirror)
Hightman, Jason. (Saint of Dragons)
Hill, Stuart. (Cry of the Icemark)
Hoving, Isabel. (Dream Merchant)
Jacques, Brian. (Redwall series)
Jones, Diana Wynne. (Chrestomanci Series)
Kindl, Patrice.
Klause, Annette C. (Blood and Chocolate)
Knox, Elizabeth. (Dreamhunter Duet)
Lackey, Mercedes.
Lee, Tanith. (Claidi Journals)
LeGuin, Ursula K.
Levine, Gail Carson. (Ella Enchanted)
Lewis, C.S..
McKinley, Robin. (Beauty)
Meyer, Stephenie. (Twilight)


Napoli, Donna Jo. (Spinners)
Nix, Garth.
Paolini, Christopher. (Eragon)
Pattou, Edith. (East)
Pierce, Tamora. (Terrier)
Pullman, Philip. (The Golden Compass)
Pratchett, Terry.
Rowling, J. K.. (Harry Potter Series)
Shetterly, Will. (Elsewhere)
Shinn, Sharon.
Stolarz, Laurie.
Stroud, Jonathan.
Taylor, G.P..
Vande Velde, Vivian.
Wooding, Chris.
Wrede, Patricia. (Dealing with Dragons)
Yolen, Jane. (Wizard's Hall)
Zambreno, Mary. (Plague of Sorcerers)

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