Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Teen fantasy horror author (she really was a teen when she started publishing!).


Titles, pics, excerpts & descriptions
In the Forests of the Night (1999)
Demon in My View (2000)
Shattered Mirror (2001)
Midnight Predator (2002)

The Kiesha'ra

Vol 1: Hawksong (2003)
Vol 2: Snakecharm (2004)
Vol 3: Falcondance (2005)
Vol 4: Wolfcry (2006)
Vol 5: Wyverhail (2007)

Short Stories

”Empire of Dirt” — 666 – The Number of the Beast (1 September 2007)


Born: 16 April 1984, Maryland, USA

Raised in Concord, MA, Amelia attended and graduated (2001) from Concord-Carlisle public school district. She participated in drama and was a member of the fencing team. She now attends the University of Massachusetts and is working towards a double major in English & psychology.
Amelia's interest in writing began early in her life and her first novel, titled The Hope to Get Out was started in 2nd grade with her best friend.
In the summer of 1995, her mother bought a computer, and Amelia had full use of it. That summer she started Red Moon, which she finished the following year; that book was followed by Blue Moon and then Red Wine, which introduced her Risika who eventually ended up being the protagonist of what would turn into In the Forests of the Night.
After making a goal to send a manuscript to a publisher by 1998, she researched publishing and stood in a line at the post office on 31 Dec 1997 with manuscripts to three publishers. She was rejected by each one.
But then, on a tour of school (she was in 8th grade, prepping for 9th), her guide recognized her as the sister of one of his students, and when he found out she wrote, he told her he was a literary agent and offered to look at her work. She sent a copy of In the Forests of the Night to school with her sister and a week later he offered to represent her. Two months later her agent called and told her that Bantam Doubleday Dell (now a division of Random House) wanted to buy her book. It was her birthday, 16 April 1998.
She enjoys cooking, cross-stitch, debating, garding, Harley-Davidson-ing, and definitely reading.

A number of her *favourite* things can be found on her official site:
Favorite Book:
Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein
Favorite Authors:
Laurell K. Hamilton and Stephen King
Her Pets:
Two Labrador retrievers (Hatshepsut and Alexander), two Siamese cats (Renegade and Simba), a Berber skink named Icarus, a cockatiel named Thief, and a plethora of marine and fresh-water fish tanks…

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