Important updates and announcements about More Than Magic Mirrors!

10 March 2009: Yes, it's been quite a while since I've appeared on this wiki. It's probably a little bit out of date and a little underused, and yet, I find that it still receives over 300 visits per month. First of all, if you visit and use the wiki, I encourage you to add your comments, suggestions, etc. Secondly, I have created a new blog with what I'm reading now. It's a little more rounded — not just fantasy books. Check it out and add your comments.
Other than that, I'm prepping for another teen lit presentation in a couple of weeks.
And in the meantime, I've changed jobs and moved to a new part of the state. But I still have my lemon tree.

14 November 2007: Tomorrow I'm giving a presentation on fantasy literature for teens — there are so many books, I hardly know where to start. You can be assured that I'll be using the lists from these pages as examples, walking students through these pages so they can add reviews, add titles, work with lists, and such things as that. Wish me luck, and feel free to use some of these lists for your own reading teens!

Stats update — in the last month, we've had over 790 visitors from around the world looking at over 1870 pages. Now, if we could only get some of those visitors to participate in our forums or write a short review!

30 July 2007: Tonight it's a full moon — and the moon has been brilliant behind thick clouds all weekend. That's not really what I was announcing, but after looking at the calendar, I thought it might be worth it.

The real announcement is that we now have TRAILERS for the some of the books on the site. There is a trailers page that collects all the trailers (until it gets too bulky, and then it'll have to be cut down) and then individual titles have trailers, too. Trailers are designed to get people interested in reading the book — do they work for you? (Trailers included on the site are "stamped" with some kind of seal of approval by either the author or publisher of the book or were part of an official contest. Enjoy — they're pretty cool!

17 July 2007: Any visitor to the wiki can now edit pages — add to lists, title information, author information, etcetera.
I just noticed that the link to More Than Magic Mirrors on The Madmen has been changed. You can now visit |

19 April 2007: New forum topic for the site members — this announcing page will now be strictly public announcements — any discussion between site members can be done at the site member forum (click "show hidden"). — esme

17 April 2007: A new classics page lists out some of the classic fantasy literature. — esme

10 April 2007: Pictures added! — esme

31 March 2007: New to the wiki — forums! And comments on title pages! Leave your comments or start a discussion. You can also chat, if you can catch me online. — esme

31 March 2007: We've been found & spotlighted! See our link on — esme

31 March 2007: Google analytics is telling me that we are receiving visitors from across the globe. We've done no advertising of this wiki yet, so it's exciting to see who's finding us.

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