Lloyd Alexander

Newbery-award winning author of the Prydain Cycle and over 30 other books.


Prydain Cycle

Book of Three (1964)
Black Cauldron (1965)
Castle of Llyr (1966)
Taran Wanderer (1967)
High King (1968)

Westmark Trilogy (historical fiction)

Westmark (1981)
Kestral (1982)
Beggar Queen (1984)

Vesper Holly (adventure mysteries)

The Illyrian Adventure (1986)
The El Dorado Adventure (1987)
The Drackenberg Adventure (1988)
The Jedera Adventure (1989)
The Philadelphia Adventure (1990)
The Xanadu Adventure (2005)


My Five Tigers (1956)
August Bondi: Border Hawk (1958)
Aaron Lopez: The Flagship Hope (1960)
Janine is French (1960)
Time Cat: The Remarkable Journeys of Jason And Gareth (1963)
Fifty Years in the Doghouse (1963)
Coll and His White Pig (1965)
Send for Ryan (1965)
The Truthful Harp (1967)
The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian (1970)
The King's Fountain (1971)
The Four Donkeys (1972)
The Cat Who Wished to Be a Man (1973)
The Wizard in the Tree (1974)
The First Two Lives of Lukas-Kasha (1978)
The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen (1991)
The Fortune-Tellers (1992)
The Arkadians (1995)
The House Gobbaleen (1995)
The Iron Ring (1997)
Gypsy Rizka (1999)
How the Cat Swallowed Thunder (2000)
The Gawgon and the Boy (2001)
The Rope Trick (2002)
Fantastical Adventures of the Invisible Boy (2005)
Dream-Of-Jade: The Emperor's Cat (2005)


Born: 30 January 1924; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died: 17 May 2007

Lloyd Alexander grew up in Philadelphia, during the height of the Great Depression years; his father, a stockbroker, went bankrupt at the Crash. Alexander always loved reading (Shakespeare, and writing and decided during his teen years to be a poet, but his parents were horrified and encouraged him to try something more practical. He saved money after high school by being a message boy for a bank — a job he detested. After one semester at a local college, he quit and enlisted in the army in 1943. He was sent to Wales and Germany, and eventually went to France where met his wife, Janine Denni while attending the University of Paris. When they returned to Philadelphia, he worked in publishing — editing, writing, cartooning, translating.

Intrigued by the mythology of Wales (Mabinogi).

Quite an eccentric — kept multiple event calendars even though he rarely left the house, composed his shopping list on Sunday and refined it on Monday and Tuesday before going to the store on Wednesday, and believed in Murphy's Law, and more (see the articles below). He liked Mozart, read crime novels, watched every episode of Xena, Warrior Princess, and regularly watched Teletubbies.


Lifetime Achievement Award for Children's Literature from Parents' Choice
Lifetime Achievement Award for Children's Literature from the World Fantasy Convention

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